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Driving Michigan Forward - January 19, 2012
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GM announces $385M investment at Romulus plant for new fuel efficient engine
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Dowding Industries' Metts says company can't survive without tax credit extension
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Maxi Container announced that they have just moved into a new, bigger facility thanks to record business growth and increased product demand.
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UPDATED: Clean Energy Happy Hour in Grand Rapids

Clean energy and energy efficiency are more than just buzzwords.

They’re the future – and as one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s economy, both here in the United States and globally, clean energy and energy efficiency are creating good-paying jobs.

Michigan Businesses for Clean Energy is a coalition of businesses large and small, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, innovators and many more from a diverse range of industries. And we’re coming together to ensure that businesses and workers in our state can be a part of the tremendous new opportunities in the clean energy sector.

Whether we’re highlighting new opportunities, sharing news or promoting clean energy policies that will benefit businesses, one thing is clear: MBCE strongly believes that clean energy is the key to moving Michigan forward.

Here are just a few ways clean energy can strengthen Michigan’s economy – and why local businesses are supporting this exciting new sector.


Michigan researchers, manufacturers and workers are among the best in the world.  Wind turbines contain thousands of parts – and each one needs to be produced. The solar industry is growing and creating new manufacturing opportunities, opening the door for good Michigan jobs and for our state to become a leader in clean energy.

Bio-based fuels are on the cutting edge as our nation races to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and Michigan is a recognized leader in this area.

Advanced battery technology is the future of the auto industry – and Michigan is fast becoming a global pace-setter in this new sector, too, driving the auto industry into the 21st century with cutting-edge fuel-efficient models.

More and more businesses are looking to save energy costs by investing in energy efficiency programs, from efficient lights to hybrid vehicles to energy saving heating-cooling systems.


Clean energy and energy efficiency also help us protect our Great Lakes, land and air, which are essential to Michigan’s tourism sector.

Dozens of local communities, tens of thousands of jobs and many local businesses depend on strong, healthy lakes, rivers and streams that represent the heart of Michigan’s tourism and hospitality sector – the second-largest industry in our state.  By protecting our natural resources today and for generations to come, we can help support local businesses ranging from bait and tackle stores to hotels and restaurants to agri-tourism outfits.


Michigan agriculture is turning waste into energy, and saving costs while reducing its dependence on conventional fossil fuels. Dairy and turkey farms are converting manure into power that heats their facilities, while recycling water for agriculture. Clean energy is helping Michigan agriculture meet energy needs while reducing the waste stream and cutting costs.


Clean energy and energy efficiency are creating jobs and opportunities in a wide range of areas. They represent one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s economy, both here in the United States and globally. Report after report tells us that investors recognize clean energy and energy efficiency.

MBCE supports opportunities and growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency – and the common-sense policies that can help this vibrant and important sector grow even more and create more jobs for Michigan workers.